Electrical Safety Program

Live Line Demo, provides
electrical safety demonstrations to
help educate businesses, schools,
public safety departments, etc., on
electrical safety. A few examples of
safety demonstrations include:

  • Employee safety meetings
  • First responder trainings (fire
    departments, EMS, police)
  • School assemblies
  • Community events

Program Specifications

Program Length

Students: 45 minutes โ€“ 1 hour
Adults: 1 hour โ€“ 1.5 hours
Public safety: 1 hour โ€“ 3 hours
(Program lengths can be customized according to sponsor needs.)
Setup: 2 hours | Tear down: 1 hour

Loading Specifications

Flat unloading/loading surface
Minimum 32โ€ door opening to facility
No steps (very difficult)

Facility Specifications

System spacing requirements:

  • 25โ€™ wide
  • 20โ€™ depth
  • 11โ€™ minimum ceiling height

Indoors or outdoors (indoor preferred)
Minimum 100 Amp Service 120V/240V or 120V/208V
(Service must be located maximum of 200โ€™ from presentation location)